Monday, August 22, 2011

Home at Last!

I feel like I've been away for a year!

We've actually been home for about five days now, but we've been busy dealing with a broken refrigerator, sending Aidan off to 3rd grade, and trying to find our lost cat (he showed up at our back door like nothing ever happened after we spent three days searching every square inch of our neighborhood, knocking on doors, posting fliers, climbing fences, setting off car alarms...).

Anyway, we had a lovely and restful time in Western Massachusetts and I was even a little sad to leave. We did a lot in our three weeks there, but the best part about all of it was that it was just us being a family. Stephanie was working, but it somehow felt different there than it does here. Maybe because everything else, all of those pesky little day-to-day things that get in the way (like broken refrigerators and lost pets) were out of mind. So we just got to enjoy being together.

We did a lot of this:

A little of this:

And our fair share of this:

But it's good to be home. I appreciate my sinfully comfortable bed more than ever. And my studio. Oh how I missed my studio! I finally got to work in it again yesterday. The familiar sound of singing silver as I sawed and the strangely comforting smell of vinegar warming in the pickle pot brought a smile to my lips and to my soul. 
So good to be back.

The shop is open again but I have to admit, the shelves are a little bare. I'm going to be busy working on custom orders for the next ten days and then I'll be off again! To Banff for my brother's wedding! I'll be back in the studio on September 7th and will start work on restocking the shop then. I'll also be wading through my custom order list, so if you're waiting to hear from me about a custom piece, I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

Finally, I'll leave you with a few pictures that I took over the last couple of days from home with... MY NEW CAMERA!! I am very excited about it. I've wanted a *real* camera for some time now. Every time I tried to take pictures of my work with my old point and shoot it ended in cursing because I knew how I *wanted* the shots to look but it just didn't have the capabilities. So when it was time to reinvest some money back into my business, this is what I decided to go with. I'm a happy, happy girl!

Actually all of the photos in this post were taken with my new toy. I'm still learning how to use it (but I am shooting in full manual!):

This is Spooky, the cat who disappeared without a trace for three mysterious days. Here he looks like he's saying, "She's mine. Watch your step or I will cut you."

And this is Boo. He's quite a looker:

And this is our amazingly talented friend Lance who shows up randomly at our doorstep with his guitar and serenades us while we eat our dinner (at least that's what happened on Thursday!)

Alright! More to come soon. But for now it's time for me to hop into my sinfully comfortable bed.



  1. welcome home (that goes for spooky, too)! i want to hear more about your new camera!

  2. Aimee, it's a Nikon DSLR (changeable lenses). The problem with my Canon Powershot was mostly that I couldn't choose the focus point for macro shots of my jewelry. It would focus wherever it damn well pleased and it drove me crazy. This camera is awesome! I love the way it feels. I love just *holding* it! I still have a lot to learn about using it, but it's fun. Can't wait to re-take all my shop photos (one of these days).