Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh my goodness!

I can finally feel spring around the corner!! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed our uncharacteristically wintery winter (I am Canadian, after all!) but I'm more than ready to shed my sweater and feel the warmth of the sun again! Even my coffee is decked out for spring today (thanks DizzlePop!).

It's been a busy school week  (I had two papers due, the last of which will be handed in in 3 hours) so I haven't had any time in the studio since I finished Foxy's necklace. (I also haven't gotten a picture of said  necklace on the Foxy neck.) But I am itching to get back to it! Hope to put in a few hours over the weekend and come out with some new finished pieces to share.

Happy Friday, Daffodils!