Friday, January 13, 2012

Wait... Where'd it go?!

The week, that is. I feel like it slipped right through my fingers!
Not that I have nothing to show for it. In fact, considering I've been single-parenting it again this week I think I was actually quite productive! But thank the good lord that the Foxy one gets home tomorrow. 
I'm exhausted.

I added a couple of things to the shop today. I still have a boulder opal necklace that didn't make it into this shop update, so that one will come some time next week. For now I've got two new rings. This first one I'm really excited about. It's my first time working with faceted gemstones. It's not a flat-backed cab, it's a brilliant-cut amethyst and its light-reflecting goodness reaches all the way down to the bottom of the four layers of sterling sheet that make up this piece. 

You're not just a cog in the machine

You're unique and beautiful

 and you bring your own brand of sparkle wherever you go.

Also in the shop now is this "little" aventurine number:

Something about the green color of this ring felt very calming to me so I added the word "PEACE" to the band.

So despite my raw fingertips and the fact that the house is complete and utter disaster, it was darn good week. And now  I'm off to put the little one (who at this very moment is emptying the contents of the junk drawer onto the dining room floor) to bed and then I just might tidy up the house a little. And then I'm going to poor myself a glass of wine and take a bath. 

Happy weekend my friends!

OH!! And just because I'm in a good mood on this Friday the 13th, I've decided to have a little weekend sale. Use code JUSTBECAUSE at checkout to get 20% off anything in the shop this weekend.