Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve to be so lucky.

First of all, look at how damn cute my kids are:

(Aidan as Cleopatra)

(Alice as... Brian Setzer? She refused to wear a costume so we just went with a punk/rockabilly theme. She played the part pretty well, don't you think?)

This was the first year that she actually walked to trick or treat.
 (her tattoo says "moms")

Aidan liked that she got to wear makeup.


In the studio this week I've been working on way too many projects and have only finished one of them. A going away gift for my dear friend Aimee:

(sterling and dyed coral)

I feel so lucky to have met her and gotten to know her during her time here in Lawrence. She's an incredibly talented artist, she's (as Foxy put it last night) devastatingly funny, and best of all, our families get along together perfectly. In fact, they feel more like family than friends. (but the kind of family that gets along, not the kind of family that's full of drama and conflict! ;) ). 
We're going to miss them terribly. 

But I can't wait to visit. I'll finally make it to NYC!

Safe travels, Artysville girls! We love you!!


(PS. I will be listing some of these Aimee-inspired dangles in the shop too!)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Honestly, I'm at a loss for words.
 It seems like a cliche to call her a "miracle child," even though that's exactly what she is. And, actually, it feels wrong to even bring that up on her birthday, even though every year it's impossible not to think, "take that, medical community!" 

But she's so much more than  a child who overcame (and is overcoming) major medical obstacles. 

She's Alice!
She's the sweetest girl you'll ever met.
She's joy
She's curiosity
She's perseverance
She's discovery
She's love

She's happiness

We celebrated her birthday yesterday so we could concentrate on Halloween today. I'd say she had a pretty good day. Spent the morning at the park (where she preferred to play with leaves over playground equipment).

Then we went to the toy store where she got to pick out a few things with her birthday money!

Big sis had some fun too

Then dinner at Alice's favorite restaurant (she loves Thai!)

Then home for presents and cake

And we all had fun with her new toys!

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl. 

Oh, and happy Halloween! Costume pictures tomorrow! ;)