Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My blasted computer died!

This weekend we spent some time traveling around eastern rural Kansas visiting some farms on the annual Kaw Valley Farm Tour. You might remember the bison from last year! Unfortunately, the bison farm wasn't on the tour this year, but that gave us the chance to visit some new farms.

I took tons of pics, and was excited to share, but as I was processing them on Sunday, my laptop gave up the ghost. It's currently on its way to the Toshiba service depot for repairs (thankfully it's still under warranty). No idea how long I'll be without it.

So... I guess no photos for a while.

Except for these few that I managed to upload to Flickr before the big crash...

(Corn field, freshly harvested)

(and the most adorable farm cat award goes to...)

(Hyacinth bean)

And that's all for now (and indefinitely!).
Expect a barrage of photos whenever I get my laptop back!!

In studio news, I'm working on a few custom orders and at least one or two new items for the shop this week. I'm also waiting on a supply order and then I'll be listing the leaf necklace that sold (from my last post) as a made-to-order item.

I'm off to enjoy another lovely Kansas autumn afternoon with my girls!