Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List It Tuesday

My friend Aimee over at artsyville has started a new series in which I am enthusiastically taking part: List it Tuesday. Each Tuesday I (along with a host of other creative bloggers) will post a handwritten list. Any random list.

Here's today's:

Stop by Aimee's blog to see other lists and play along!

Monday, October 18, 2010

House Tour Part II

First of all, thank you all so much for your overwhelming and positive response to my post last week for National Coming Out Day. You are all fabulous creatures and you give me hope! *muah!*

A ways back I posted pictures of our bedroom re-do and promised that I'd post more house pictures in the future. Well, it appears that the future (at least part of it) is now!

I love our house. It was one of the first houses we looked at when we started house hunting almost 3 years ago. We forced ourselves to look at others but it was the one we both kept coming back to. Something about it just said "home" to us. I love our house.

This afternoon I took advantage of one of the few moments when there aren't toys scattered all over the living room floor and took some pictures. Some of my favorite things, collected mostly at garage sales and antique stores, are in this room:

I finished mid terms last week and have been working busily on some custom orders (when I'm not working my day job or taking the kids to the Maple Leaf festival or decorating our front porch for Halloween! :) ). But I promise to have some new treats for the shop very soon!

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have whole days to spend in the shop...

Maybe someday!