Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big News!

running headlong into this new season, this new chapter of our lives
(a little wistful for the carefree days we're leaving behind
but optimistic about what waits ahead)

So many changes on the horizon. Exciting changes. Scary changes. 

While this past year has been a year of change in itself, what with not one but two moves (one international, one local), we've finally settled into our new life here in the city (I know, it's funny to post a picture of a forest, just minutes from our house, and then refer to our life in the city, but that is now, amazingly, our incredible reality here in Vancouver - dang, I love this place). It's been a hectic year in so many ways -- Dr. Foxy getting settled into her new job; Lucy getting settled into a new school, making new friends, and making frequent visits back to Kansas to visit her dad and her old friends; Alice getting used to being home with me (I'm hoping that wasn't too hard); and me, well, let's just say I've been a very busy mom. I tried to set up my studio in our first apartment but I was so rarely able to find the time to work in it that it was barely worth it. When we moved again into our more permanent location I decided to leave my studio packed up until the fall, when Alice will be starting Kindergarten. 

That's the first big, exciting, scary change we're facing down at the moment: Alice starting all-day kindergarten. With her challenges we're really not sure what to expect. But she will have a full time one-on-one "helper" and when we met with the school we felt good about their ideologies regarding integration and inclusion. So we're hoping for the best! 

My other big news is actually jewelry related! 

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that as of September 1st I have been invited to join a collective of incredibly talented artists and set up my work space in the fabulous Beaumont Studios

It has been a private dream of mine since I started Buffalo Lucy to move my studio out of my home and into a dedicated work space (preferably in the middle of a vibrant arts district ;) ). One that I'm not sure I ever really imagined would come true. So when I got the email letting me know that there was a space for me if I wanted it, I was overcome by a debilitating combination of excitement and fear. I almost turned it down. But thanks to my lovely wife and some amazing friends (some of whom I've never even met in person), I came to my senses and said yes, yes, YES!

I know it was the right decision because ever since then, every time I think about it, I get those very same butterflies that you get when you're falling in love. 

So, barring any unforeseen disasters, the online shop will be reopening (with new work!) in the near future. AND I will have items available for sale, for the first time EVER, in person in my studio right here in Vancouver, BC.

Stay tuned for news of my move-in progress and first work days in my new space.

(And send us lots of positive energy for Alice's first days of Kindergarten and Lucy's first days at yet another new school.)