Sunday, February 5, 2012

At this moment...


These adorable little hands are tucked under that adorable little chin while tiny snores escape that adorable little nose.  All snuggled up under my arm right here on the couch (I'm typing one-handed).

I made a couple of things last week.  I actually worked on three (plus some made-to-order wedding rings), but the porcelain  jasper necklace didn't quite get completed. It should be ready sometime next week.

So this week was all turquoise, baby!

A nice big, chunky ring:
Chunky Turquoise Ring

And some swishy swashy feathery earrings:


Oh, and I have a new friend!  His name is Tonka (short for Tatanka). Here he is celebrating Kansas' birthday last week (taken with my iphone):

He's kind of a party animal.

Speaking of parties... who's watching the Super Bowl today?

not me