Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List It Tuesday

My friend Aimee over at artsyville has started a new series in which I am enthusiastically taking part: List it Tuesday. Each Tuesday I (along with a host of other creative bloggers) will post a handwritten list. Any random list.

Here's today's:

Stop by Aimee's blog to see other lists and play along!


  1. now that's my girl, having a rotating trio of coffee mugs on the desk. as for the dry erase - i'll send nina over; she uses ours on everything. what kind of rubber stamps do you have? i think even the "do not bend" and "non-machinable" stamps at the post office are cool! and what are rainbow devil ducks??

    thanks for participating, julie! fab list!

  2. Oooh! Now I want a "non-machinable" stamp! Mine, other than the "file copy" one, are mostly department-specific nonsense with code-words and lines for signatures.

    The devil ducks are miniature rubber ducks, with devil horns, one for each color of the rainbow. I guess I should have said "a rainbow of devil ducks" rather than "6 rainbow devil ducks" since each duck is not actually rainbow. ;)

    I like that they allow me to say, "I have my ducks in a row" even though I usually don't.

    Thanks for the great feature idea, Aimee! So fun!

  3. I like the devil ducks and the thought of being able to say you have your ducks in a row. ;) Just realize I forgot to invite people to play along with us. I'm going to go edit my post. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. I like that you have multiple mugs on your desk. I have four water bottles (one SIGG, two plastic, and a promo one for work). Despite the collection of drinking devices, your desk seems MUCH cleaner than desks around my office!

    Great list.

  5. Have to say, I too love the rainbow devil ducks, but I also like the surface of your desk, lol. :)

    I'm totally taking up rotating coffee mugs, but with 5 stacks of paperwork it's needed, that sounds like a lot!