Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfectly Content

I was busy in the shop last week working on a few custom pieces:

And I made some changes to this piece and listed it in the shop!

Over 6 feet of sterling and leather and semi precious stones! Super versatile; can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace (long or short).

And then I had the most perfect weekend I could have asked for! I took Friday off of work because Aidan was out of school so we had a breakfast date and then ran some errands together for the rest of the morning. Her dad ended up getting off for the afternoon so he came by and picked her up and I got 3 uninterrupted hours in the studio before the rest of my lovely family returned home. Bliss!

Saturday the four of us went to a really fun Halloween party. I'll save the picture for Halloween but we all dressed up. I think the dressing up part was just as much fun as the party itself!

Yesterday was dedicated to house cleaning and cleaning out our car (ooh boy! did we need to do that!) but it feels so good to have it all done now.  I know, doesn't sound like all that much fun, but it really was a perfectly relaxed, perfectly family-filled few days.

I'm ready to face the week!


  1. Jeanet MooreOctober 25, 2010

    Hey Julie, Read your earlier post about your relationship with Stephanie. The world needs more love, so it was great to hear about yours. Glad life is so cozy down there in Kansas! Take care~Jeanet

  2. Thanks Jeanet! So good to hear from you! I always love the sweet pictures of your kiddos on my FB feed. :)

  3. Awesome lists....I've come to adore tuesdays!