Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh give me a home...

Guess what I got to see today?!

That's right! We spent the day exploring local farms as a part of the annual Kaw Valley Farm Tour. Of course the highlight for me were the bison! Alice was also especially enamored with them:

She cried when we left. And said "bye bye buff" all the way to the next farm.

Where we met...

The alpacas. Which were Aidan's favorite:

And our final stop was Pendelton's Country Market Farm:

where Aidan and I did the "no left turn" maze. We only made it out with help:

It was a perfectly Kansan way to spend a crisp autumn Saturday!


  1. oh wasn't it a marvelous day? i don't want this weather to end! you took much greater advantage of it than we did, though. the girls look darling and i love your other pics too - my favorite is a tie between the two bison communing and the phallic gourds! i think tomorrow is supposed to be a beaut, too - enjoy!

  2. It was a gorgeous weekend, Aimee! I'm laughing about the phallic gourds.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful post, love is love regardless of gender, race, or religion.