Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Tools!

My lovely and amazing wife bought me a dapping set for Christmas.

Ohhhh!! It's so fun!!

I made these for myself (they're actually copper!):

I've been wearing them almost every day since I made them. They're super light and versatile. I will make some of these for the shop soon, I promise. BUT last night (my first time in the studio in 2011!) I made these:

The story of how these came to be: The first thing I did with my dapping set (the night I made those copper earrings) was to take one of the small silver disks that I use for the signature buffalo button I put on the back of all of my pieces, and dome it. I practiced this a few times before moving on to doming a larger piece of metal. So anyway, last night when I went back into my studio to work,  I had a few of these tiny silver dishes sitting on my bench. It struck me that they'd make great little earrings. So I soldered some posts onto them, cleaned and sanded them, and there you have it! I'm wearing a pair today and I absolutely love them. They're small and simple but just interesting enough to solicit a second glance:

These are listed in the shop now!

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