Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well hello again!

I promised I'd be back with a little more content and boy do I have content for you...

First, the continuation of my last post: The Foxy Ring!

It's as if it was made for her. ;)

And now, a few shots of some of the work I finished over the last couple of months and weeks that I wasn't previously able to share...

I love, love, love this ring. It was a custom request as a gift for a very special someone. I was pretty much given free reign on this one and I love what came out:

Built of sterling silver and chalcedony. I may have to make myself a matching one.

And then there was this necklace...

with these

Carnelian, aventurine, and sterling.

And then this:

Leather, onyx, and sterling.

And then it was Christmas!! I have to say, Santa spoiled us. We were four very happy girls.

Aidan (with her edgy new haircut):

Alice (with one of my new dapping punches):

Aidan got a sewing machine from Santa and I think we found her calling! She spent a day just "stitching" paper trying to get used to how to it felt. Here she is doing a maze from the sewing practice book Laura bought her. She was determined to get it right before actually sewing anything.

The next day she decided to give it a try with thread (and here I'll take a little credit for myself since I managed to get the thing threaded even though I've never even seen a sewing maching up close before! I didn't even know it used two separate threads or spools or... whatever!). She practiced for a while on scrap pieces of fabric and then she spat out two pillows in a matter of about an hour! Here is Alice sleeping with the first one. Alice has not let go of this thing since Aidan gave it to her on Friday. I mean she has literally been clutching it to her chest  in her highchair while she eats:

Then today Aidan decided she wanted to make a bean bag animal. A penguin. So she came up with the design, I helped her cut out the shapes from the fabric and she sewed them! (it was even her idea to photograph it leaning up against the sewing machine like this. I'm telling you, the girl's destined for etsy!):

His name is Pingo. She's very proud. So am I.

All in all, we had a really nice winter break. And I didn't even get to the ice skating or the baking or the driving-around-looking-at-Christmas-lights-in-our-pajamas-drinking-hot-cocoa...

Hope your holidays were just as nice.


  1. the ring turned out gorgeous!! i'm so glad it got to see it in progress! and yes you have a budding etsian on your hands - i am blown away that an 8 year old made those pieces!

  2. Thanks Aimee! We decided on a different stone after the silver work was complete. Stephanie really wanted me to make her something with that pink stone (I think you saw it...) but in the end, this is the one that begged to be set!

    As for Aidan, she may have to open shop just so we can keep up with her fabric needs!