Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Crafty Girl...

So our 8 year old, Aidan, who is  smart-as-a-whip, and mostly loses her, uh, composure during unstructured breaks from school (we often joke about the scene from The Simpsons where Lisa is out of school and having a breakdown, frantically crying, "Grade me! Grade me!"), has found something to keep herself occupied over Christmas... She's taken up sewing!

On Sunday we celebrated Christmas with our dear friends Michael and Laura. Knowing that Santa is most likely going to be bringing Aidan a sewing matching for Christmas, they got her started by giving her some "learn to sew" books. Aidan hasn't put them down since. Well, except to pick up her needle and thread. The girl is beside herself with pride over these little creations:

Echo the Bear:

Poochie Pup:


And a work in progress (this one is a Christmas gift for Foxy!):

(excuse the unbrushed hair; it is Christmas break after all)

She's made about six more since then but I'm not able to upload pictures because at some point when she and I were sharing a workspace on the table, the cord that connects my camera to my laptop got snipped by a pair of wayward scissors. Ahem. (Okay, I could stop here and lead you all to believe it was the eight year old who accidentally snipped the cord, but truth be told, it was me).

So as far as this break goes, so far so good (you should congratulate me for resisting the punny urge to change one of those "so"s to "sew")! As for me, I spent a few frantic days over the weekend finishing up last minute custom Christmas gift orders and now I've had a 4 day break. I'm itching to get back in there, but for now I'm enjoying some truly quality time with my family.

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  1. her creations are gorgeous!! and it's the perfect solution to the structure-less break! now nina wants to learn how to sew too - when i told her last night aidan was sewing, she grabbed a big felt scrap, poked holes in it with scissors and bound one of her drawings to it with elastic cord. i think aidan has her first student if she wants one!

  2. Gerri and PaulDecember 23, 2010

    My how talented you are Aidan,good job.Hope Santa is good to you and little sister.Love to you all.

  3. Your daughter's creations are fantastic!

  4. Great design, Ilove it! Happy new year!
    Sherman Unkefer