Monday, December 20, 2010

And Winter Break Begins...

After an absolutely fabulous weekend full of friends and family and food and cocktails, today marked the first official day of winter break. The girls are out of school and Foxy and I are taking two weeks off (although the foxy one had to work today, darn it!).

Aidan, Alice and I spent the morning lounging about in our pajamas and then we took advantage of the warmish weather this afternoon and went for a walk to the playground.

Here's what joy looks like:


And exhausted elation:

I'm sad there's no pre-Christmas snow, but I think we're making the most of it...  :)


  1. had sooo much fun w/you girls friday! my house next time! looks like you had a WAY better first day than i did - i had two misbehaving munchkins (demons?) and a near total meltdown!

  2. Lynn aka MomDecember 20, 2010

    Looks like you guys had a great time!! And Aimee has me curious as to who had the near total meltdown, her two munchkins or herself :)

  3. Mom, ha! that's a good question!

    Aimee, we had a great timeFriday too! I couldn't believe it got so late!! I hope the last couple of days of break have been better the first!

  4. i was the one who had a meltdown! :-D