Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, it's been a while! Things have been a little crazy around here lately. BUT, I have finally finished something! It's not the something I've been looking forward to finishing, but I wanted to work on something to which I felt a little less attached first, in case it didn't work out. Lighting was terrible for photos today (dark and stormy!) but I know some of you have been waiting patiently. So here it is. Sea sediment jasper and sterling silver:

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have my soldering workshop, but I'm considering staying home and working in the studio on my own work instead. The main reason I'd signed up was to learn how to use my new torch, but I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it now. I'm sure I'd learn some useful technical things but I can't decide which would be more beneficial--a few probably helpful tips, or 5 extra hours to spend in my own studio... decisions, decisions!

Foxy's birthday is Monday! Must finish her necklace...

(and I'd love to finish my ring too!)

P.S. I just discovered that there are some issues with my images (including my header) when viewing my blog from Internet Explorer. I'll work on that as soon as I can.

edit: apparently it's only older versions of Explorer that are a problem. I probably won't bother making any changes, in that case.


  1. Ooooohhhhh, I love this! You'll have a waiting list before you know it! I have an idea for something..... not sure if it's even doable though! :)

  2. Thanks Laura! Send me an email with your idea and we'll see if we can figure it out.

  3. Hi, I am researching the Smith Little torch after I've nearly decided to send it back to Rio. Are you pleased with it? Do you use it in most of your rings and pendants. I'm having a hard time finding definitive information on it's capabilities.

    Your pieces are very nice!

  4. Hi Kristin! Yes, it is the only torch I use and I love it. I need to upgrade to the big tanks because right now I'm using the small disposable tanks and I have to change them way too often. But that's my only complaint, and has nothing to do with the torch itself.