Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to the Bench

Well, it seems for each easy day I have in the studio, I have one frustrating day. When my back started feeling better last week I spent a little time working on a pair of earrings (current torch situation=small items only) and I was utterly encouraged when I quickly and easily bezel set my first cabochon. Well, last night I sat down to finish the other earring and just could not get my torch to cooperate. Thankfully, I placed my order for my "real" jeweler's torch this morning. I should have my Smith little torch set up and ready to use by Wednesday. Can't. Wait.

Here's what I did accomplish during my few hours at the bench this week:

Obviously, I still have some finishing work to do on them (sanding, finishing, and oxidizing; not to mention the obvious missing "leaf").

And here's the problem child:

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll get these finished. And with my new torch I'll hopefully be able to finish the ring I started a couple of weeks ago too. I'm much more excited about that than the earrings. Watch this space!


  1. So does this mean we can trade talents? Pictures for jewelry! :) I'm thrilled you are finding time for your passions!

  2. Hey you!! Yes, I think I owe you! ;)