Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Is there anyone who doesn't love fall? If there is, I just don't understand. All that cool, fresh air after the heat of the summer? And the rain! The rain here in the PNW is maybe my favorite thing in the whole world (followed very closely by Roots' cabin socks). Especially this year after our terribly hot, dry summer (and yes, that's right my Kansan friends, I now consider 80 degrees farenheit oppresively hot). I am *so* relieved that autumn is here again.  

I guess it also helps that the end of summer brings the return of my beloved Lucy from her annual summer trip to Kansas. 

I sure did miss that smile!  

But it was a good and fairly productive summer. The best part of it was that Alice actually enjoyed spending time with me in my new, big studio space (I *still* haven't snapped any shots of it - I'm just going to have to do that, mess and all), so I was able to bring her to the studio and get a lot more work done this summer than I have in summers past.  

By far my favorite project of the season was tackling these big-ass (come on, at 6mm wide and 2mm thick they are big-ass, there's no other way to put it) 14k yellow gold bands for Beaumont Studio-mates and candle-makers extraordinaire, Nick & Farouk at Vancouver Candle Company. These beauties are now also available as a made-to-order item in the shop

In other news, I will once again be participating in the Etsy Made in Canada Market - in just two short weeks! Come by and see me in booth 14 (across from the Etsy Booth) in Robson Square, Saturday Sept. 26th. If last year was any indication, it should be a lot of fun!! Until then, I'll be a busy, busy bee building pieces for the show and filling orders! And oh, I'll probably fit in a little puddle jumping. 

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