Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh, hey.

Been a while. 
I apologize. 
Life has been a little hectic since the holidays. 
I mean, life around here is always a little hectic, and actually I've been making an effort to stop and BREATHE a little more these days (literally - I've taken up Moksha Yoga and meditation), and I guess the blog has, unfortunately, been relegated to the end of the priority list. 

I'll try to make more of an effort.
she's said that before

Mostly, I've been busy making jewelry! Wow! I've been a busy little metalsmith since November. 
I spend at least two days a week in my studio making nothing but wedding rings. 
What an honor. 
I am still so incredibly amazed and touched that you lovely people entrust me with such an important task. I love the fact that my rings are out there, being worn by men and women (and women and women and men and men), as symbols of their love and commitment. I do my best to make each one with intention (never mindlessly), and to spend a little time as I'm sawing and filing and soldering and sanding focusing on the love and passion and friendship and partnership that the silver I'm working will eventually come to symbolize. It's been such a pleasure and I'm looking forward to adding even more ring styles to my line in the near future (and gold, gold is on the horizon). 

Speaking of jewelry that's an honor to create, over the winter holidays I had the immense and humbling pleasure of being asked to produce one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry I've worked on yet:
 A hollow form pendant built to house a portion of the cremated remains of the wearer's recently departed partner.

The sides of the pendant have been filed to resemble my signature wedding rings.

Thank you, Meggan, so much, for granting me the honour of creating this piece with you (and Mikel). It was an incredible honor and I feel like my studio is a different place now that it has contained the vibrant spirit of your love.

As for other pieces in the works, when I'm not busy filling wedding ring orders, I am most certainly still creating one-of-a-kind art jewelry and regularly updating the shop. There's a new Wonderland Ring in there, a recent addition of gemstone stacking rings (made-to-order in your size and choice of stones), and various other pieces come and gone (you'll have to check the sold section to see those).  If you missed anything, make sure to follow my Facebook page - I try to post new work there as I list it.

Now here's to spring!


  1. Lynn aka MomMarch 10, 2014

    That post is so touching and awesome!! You have been blessed to be a small part of your client's ( that hardly seems like the right word ) lives in this way. Makes your passion for creating these works of art all the more beautiful. Not that I am biased at all ;)

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