Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still Here! (but not there)

Oh MY!

My poor, poor neglected blog.

I had no intentions of letting it go for so long, but we've had a major shake up in the Foxy-Buffalo household and my every waking moment has been consumed by the details of it for the past five months.

We've moved to Vancouver!

British Columbia!


The country of my birth, the place where my heart and soul have longed to be since I left 15 years ago. 

Being from Alberta, and having spent my entire adult life in Kansas, the prairies are most definitely a part of my core make-up. I will always feel nostalgic for the soft rolling hills and seemingly never-ending fields of wheat that make up the Kansas countryside. 

But having said that, somehow arriving in Vancouver immediately felt like coming home. 

It's exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

The Pacific Northwest has wooed me with its many magnificent charms. On Tuesday I went out to run an errand and in a matter of about four delicious afternoon hours I inhaled the salty soul-cleansing air of the ocean, photographed the lush green moss of the sun dappled forest, and sucked up the electric energy of Vancouver's downtown hustle and bustle. 

This place was made for me.

I don't even mind the rain. 

A good pair of wellies, a rain coat, a hot cup of chai and a fire to come home to... I have everything I need to survive a "Raincouver" winter quite happily.

How did we end up here, you ask? Well the Foxy one, being the hot commodity that she is, landed a faculty job at the University of British Columbia. So hopefully we'll be staying well into the foreseeable future.  Of course there have been sacrifices and while it's been relatively smooth as far as international moves go, it hasn't exactly been easy. Stephanie's having to work incredibly hard (and will for a few years at least), we left behind all of our Lawrence and Kansas City friends and family, we have no childcare here (ouch), and my work was put on hold while we got our lives packed up and resettled. But I'm slowly getting my new studio into working order. I will soon be back in production mode, but at a much slower pace (since, as I mentioned, I have no childcare at the moment and a very busy three-year-old). Hopefully I will at least get the shop back open in the next week or so. To those of you who have been waiting for me to finish up custom orders, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so patient. 

Now that I have my computer space set up again, I will be back to blogging regularly and will keep you posted about when the shop will be back online. I'm *this close* to being there. I'll tell you, my hands are itching to pick up the torch again!

I've missed you. 

It's good to be home.


  1. Somehow, I think it will be worth the wait. Absolutely love your words and images!!! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you Jen! (And what a gorgeous picture of you!) xo

  3. So thrilled for you all... you have settled (deservedly) into paradise! We miss you so much! xo

  4. Miss you terribly too, my east coast friend! Xo

  5. Looks so, so, very beautiful! Best wishes in BC

  6. Well I have definitely missed your updates, but seeing this beautiful photography, I can't be mad. Wishes you the easiest of transitions and I hope to see your back to work as soon as you are able.