Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh Wow, Hello March!

Apparently February was not my month to blog!

As I type this, Jeff Buckley is crying achingly into my ear, "oh that was soooo reeeee-aaaaal," while the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I've ever seen are fluttering past my window. 
Yesterday it was 70 degrees. 

So much happened in the last month that I had every intention of blogging about but just never made the time.

The month of February in pictures:

Jumping on the Bed

Drinking in the Sun

Sweetest Girl in the World

It's her birthday.

(a birthday present for my beautiful birthday girl)

Chunky Turquoise Ring


(pink and blue sold, yellow available here)

And I think that about sums it up! February was good to me. My family is beautiful and amazing in every way. I made things and people bought them. We had every type of weather I love (snow, thunder, sun and warmth). What more could a girl like me ask for?
 I am blessed.

Here's to another beauty of a month!



  1. Lynn aka MomMarch 02, 2012

    You are indeed blessed! And the icing on the cake is that you appreciate it!

  2. I do my best to try not to take any of it for granted!

  3. Um, pictures five and six are killing me. She looks so much like Stephanie! Just lovely...

  4. Katie, I know!! I love those two. I have them printed out together on one piece of paper and hanging in my studio. <3