Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out of Commission

Today was the first sick day I've taken since I became my own boss.
The feeling that my head could barely contain my sinuses was more than I could handle this morning and as soon as I shuffled the kids out the door I turned around and crawled right back into bed. 

Now I'm drowning my ailments in chai.

Sick Day

I feel antsy about not working. I want to work. But the fact that I broke a stone and destroyed a bezel yesterday (remember that boulder opal necklace I promised you? Yeah, not so much...) helped me to accept the fact that maybe I should step away from the tools today.

But I'm excited about what's on the docket this week. A little turquoise, some porcelian jasper, and vintage glass. Rings and necklaces.

And next week I'll be making more cog in the machine rings and maybe even a cog in the machine necklace or two. Lots of faceted sparkling goodness.
Can't wait to get back at it!

Stay well, my friends!


  1. i know exactly how you feel. i had been looking forward to last saturday night all week: it was my night to make/create, and that was the day the cold was the worst. best to just give in and rest. looking forward to seeing the new work when you're feeling better!

  2. aw, julie, i'm sorry. geez how i wish i could get the kids from school for you, or rush a pit pueblo over there to help out a bit. i miss being your neighbor. take care my friend.

  3. Thanks ladies! Feeling a bit better today!

    Jen, I hope you're feeling better too!
    Aimee, the kid-care sounds great, the pit pueblo not so much. ;)

  4. yes: whenever the bezels melt or the stone breaks it is such a cosmic sign to stop: much harder to heed than we think though, right?
    I hope you feel better :) xoxox