Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Making and The Being

Some days in the studio, when things go just the way I will them to, when my saw makes my silver sing, when metal responds to fire without melting (except when I want it to), when solder flows and parts align... some days in the studio are really, really good.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It's hard to describe the feeling of seeing something I imagined, and then sketched, coming to... be. And some days it all happens so effortlessly.

Yesterday, I finished this ring. 
It's hard to say which part feels better: the act of creating a thing, or holding it in your hands afterwards and basking in "I made this..."

Sterling and New Mexico Apache Rhyolite. 
Size 8.5 (wears best on a middle finger) and available in the shop now. 


  1. delicious (the making & the being. the ring? fabulous).

  2. so glad to hear you had one of those days :)
    Love the ring and the writing!

  3. I absolutely love this shot! Did Foxy take it or did you solder with one hand and click with the other?

  4. 15 second timer! Probably won't be doing that again though, since I almost ruined a beautiful ring by attending to two things at once. Soldering is really an activity that deserves one's undivided attention!

  5. Twig, didn't mean to skip you. Thank you!!