Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (A Neighborly Day in This Beautywood)

I'm writing this blog post from my front porch swing, sipping coffee while snuggled up in a down comforter (it's not cold out, but I'm so cozy!). The little one is napping and aside from the neighbor mowing his lawn, all is peaceful and quiet.

I have to admit, I'm especially enjoying the peace considering we played host to 2 extra kiddos for much of the past week.

Our dear friend Aimee and her family are moving to New York (Noooooo!! Say it ain't so!!!) and her two lively and adorable artsy girls stayed with us while Aimee flew off to New York to do a little house-shopping.

Needless to say, "peaceful and quiet" weren't words we used much over those 6 days. But we sure had fun!

Just hanging around:

Being goofy:

Swinging with Mama (that's what bliss looks like right there!):

Showing off her gerbil bite (yes, Aidan got some new pets last week, and they were a little overwhelmed by the sudden increase in activity!):

Aside from that one minor injury, we all survived unscathed and I think the artsyville girls even enjoyed themselves, despite missing their parents terribly.

Imagine how we'll feel when they're no longer living a few blocks away... :(

Guess we'll have to make the most of it while we can.

And I see a few trips to the Big Apple in our future!

I did manage to make a few things over the last couple of days. Listed them in the shop this morning!

A new series of teeny tiny necklaces:

In leaf (SOLD, but I'll have a made-to-order version listed soon)


and paisley

Look great layered:

That's all for now! I bought a new lens yesterday and I'm excited to get out and use it (I've played around with it a little already, I can tell I'm completely in LOVE), so I'll be back soon with more photos! 

Have a deliciously autumn-y weekend!!  


  1. You were the best babysitters anyone could ever ask for! I am in complete denial about our departure from you and your sweet family. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times! And move to the east coast now, why dontcha.