Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Wednesday was my mom's birthday and we actually got to celebrate it with her!

I think we did pretty well. We celebrated at home with cake and streamers and balloons and beer and then later we went out for drool-worthy dumplings.

And my mom not only got her first piece of Buffalo Lucy jewelry (!) she also got her second! My dad gave her one of my necklaces and I made her this:

We only have one more day before they leave. :(  I have more pictures to share but I'll save editing them for when I'm missing them terribly as they make the trip back to Canada on Sunday...

And next week, back to the studio! Finally! 

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  1. aw, i missed this post about your mom's birthday! i wish i could have met your parents while they were here! happy belated birthday, julie's mom!