Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List it Tuesday!

Had my last exam and turned in my last paper last night! No more school for 5 weeks!

Check out List it Tuesday over at artsyville for some other great lists!


  1. Love it - it reminds me of lines you used to get at school when you got detention only in a good way as the outcome is basically more time in your studio!!

  2. That's exactly what it reminded me of while I was writing it! (not that I ever I ever had that experience or anything)

  3. ha ha ! Great list !!

    My LIST is up too ...

  4. love it. reason 7...school's out for the winter! is your stomach in a knot? mine gets that way after i turn in a paper and wait for my grade.


    i'm listing too.

  5. Thanks Bonnie!

    SE, yes! I'll be checking obsessively for the next two weeks to see if my grade has posted!

    Off to check out your lists!

  6. Haha, love this list! It's awesome having free downtime to work on all those projects one has on their to-do list!

  7. I'd totally go back to school for five weeks of vacay. Enjoy it and good luck with the grades!

  8. Karyna, ain't that the truth?!

    Tina, Ha! If only I didn't also have a full time job! ;)

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