Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whew! I have been rather absent from my little ol' blog this month, haven't I? It's been a whirlwind on the Buffalo Ranch.  I've been busy with my day job and single parenting duties while Foxy's been working her little tail off trying to get grants written and trainings completed and other such things necessary to keep a roof over our heads. Those kiddos leave little time for jewelry making and shop updating and blog writing... But when they're not making me cry, they sure do make me smile! ;)   (Did I ever tell you about the time Aidan brought home a "book" she'd written at school and it was clear that they'd been given a very structured outline to work with. It had to start and end with the same key sentence. Aidan's book started and ended with, "My mom loves me more than she loves making jewelry." That girl knows her mama).


Four sleeps until Newfoundland!

I'll be putting the shop on vacation mode while I'm away so this is your last chance to place an order before I leave. Orders placed before 10PM CST tomorrow (Friday, July 30th) will be shipped on Saturday morning. Then I'm closing shop! But just until I come back on the 13th.

Be warned... everything that's available in the shop now may not be when I reopen in mid-August. So if there's something you've had your eye on... :)

And just so I don't forget what she looks like between now and when we leave for vacation, this is my recently-mostly-absent wife:


  1. Dear Beautiful Buffalo Lucy,
    I owe you big time. My Federal New Year's resolution (since I missed the calendar year and the state fiscal year and October is our favorite month anyway :)) is to give you more time in your studio. The world needs more of your design sensibility in it!

  2. Maybe if you were off doing something fun or selfish then you'd owe me big time. But as it is I'll settle for you not holding it against me that I just let Lilah up on the bed in your absence. ;)

    Love you, honey. Thanks for working so hard. Come home soon, I'm waiting up. Xoxo