Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm deep in the mire of papers and exams as the spring semester comes to a close so I don't have much to share with you this week...  however, I WILL be opening my shop as soon as school is out!

Some of the items you see here plus a few surprises will be making an appearance...

I'll make a formal announcement with a specific date next week! (don't forget to join my email list if you want to receive Buffalo Lucy news in your inbox)

In addition to writing papers and studying for exams, I've also been working on a little something for my mom. Of course I can't show pictures here until she gets it. No peeking, mom!

And on a non-jewelry-related note, we went on our annual excursion for flowers for our porch pots over the weekend. Unfortunately the weather (and our schedules) have been uncooperative so we haven't gotten to pot them yet. I'll be sure to take pictures when we do. Flowers=happiness.

Alright, back to the books...



  1. the green one is my fave, with the chinese turquoise a close second! good luck w/exams!

  2. They are truly amazing, honey. All of them. I'll be sad to see them go...

  3. Aww honey, you're sweet to me. Don't worry I'll make more. :) Xoxxx